There are 5 major mistakes that cannot only destroy your partnership with your “Big Fish”, but also destroy your own company or business. These mistakes are:

  1. Not meeting the client’s expectations

  2. Mishandling a client crisis

  3. Taking on more than you can handle

  4. Putting all your eggs in one basket

  5. Up cash creek without a paddle

In this article we’ll discuss a bit about the first two.

  1. Not Meeting Client’s Expectations

Meeting your clients expectations and to accomplish what you have agreed upon is not just important but also critical. It can destroy your partnership and your companies reputation in many ways. If this happens you need to fix it immediately and find its root to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

There are 2 main things that could contribute to this problem:

  1. Selling to HARD – if you are in sales, you are there to assist with the decision making process ….be careful not to push too hard to seal the deal. If you have provided all the information it will be a sale.

  2. Lack Of Communication – lack of communication results to ladders of problems. Make sure you listen …. focus ….. and listen again

For you to avoid such mistakes you need to put a clear plan of action into place that all of your team to follow:

    • Think before you speak
    • Plan your conversation
    • Perfect your process
    • Pre-format over-deliverables
    • Stay hands-on throughout the entire process
    • Define success.
  1. Mishandling a Client Crisis

Crisis’ happens and the way you respond and handle these situations will define you and your company. You need to respond quickly and effectively. If you are able to handle crisis’ successfully then you will gain more trust and confidence from your clients.

Since crisis’ happens, here are some tips that can effectively help you deal with any client crisis:

    • Take responsibility and apologise no matter who is at fault.

    • Act swiftly and effectively

    • Step in and take control of the situation.

    • Never point fingers or place blame.

    • Stay in constant communication with your client.

    • Stay calm throughout the situation.

    • Keep your eye on the ball.

Now you know what the top 2 mistakes you need to avoid to keep your relationship with your “Big Fish” strong and how to handle these situations. In the next article we’ll talk about the 3rd and 4th killer mistake.

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