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Glenis Gassmann CA
Glenis Gassmann CAHead Business Consultant and Coach
Glenis Gassmann CA is the owner of More Customers – More Profits and a contributing writer for The Six Figure Coach Magazine. Glenis is a Business Breakthrough Specialist with expertise in the financial realm as a Chartered Accountant. Winning awards and creating innovative change with her strategic thinking, mindset prowess and financial expertise. She focuses on the small business sector providing education to create profitable businesses that allow personal freedom and financial health as well as a turn-key system and network for Business Coaches and or Professionals looking to leverage their time with systems and processes, improving the performance of the Business Coach as well as the client.
A Team of Coaches
A Team of Coaches
Our team of coaches takes any business owner through a process where they will get to double even triple their turnover and increase their profits from basic business fundamentals that have been forgotten and not applied. They range from Lead generation to Profit Strategies, from Leadership and Mindset shifts to Advanced Team Building with personality profiling. We work on the individual problem you have in your business and turn that around with well thought out strategy and actions to implement that strategy. You will get results and you will grow your business to the level that you think is possible.

“Your Business Success is Deliberate not Accidental.”Glenis Gassmann

Would you like our help with that ?

As a Business Owner

Are you frustrated with the lack of good quality leads being attracted by your business marketing? and when you do manage to secure a great prospect, they are either not ready to commit or want a cheaper price.

You have spent lots of money on marketing and advertising and frustrated that you are still not attracting the good quality leads that you need to turn into IDEAL customers for your business to grow and provide Cash Flow , peace of mind and flexibility in your lifestyle.

Hello, my name is Glenis Gassmann, Business Strategist and Chartered Accountant, and I assist frustrated business owners like you every day to apply business fundamentals to solve these damaging business challenges once and for all.

Your cash flow will improve and you WONT waste money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work ever again. The Bonus you get from working our team is that you have time to work ON your Business and Free time to do what you choose.

Let’s get you started by watching first this eye opening video that explains why Business Owners make these mistakes …. and how to over come it.

Watch here

Glenis makes you accountable; you get new ideas think about the big picture for your business and work on the business more rather than in it. Our team members have also benefitted form he opportunity to have team training and I’ve identified some areas for improvement in myself personally.

Gives you the motivation to act on things that you normally put off.

Motorhome Conversions Team Day

I loved learning about the team work and it has been essential for our team to be involved with for today’s session as I can see they are coming together and we could talk about the business’ future as a whole.

I want to learn as much as I can from Glenis.

Michael Stephens
Staff Team Day

Since working with Glenis my business has experienced growth in excess of 30%. The strategic plan we set in place is coming together in every area of the business. I can now see the solid foundation we have built will be the catalyst for future expansion.

Glenis runs a successful business of her own – she’s not just a ‘textbook’ coach and there’s absolute level of confidence in dealing with someone with demonstrated success.

Little Tummy Tucker

In this workshop, Glenis explains why most advertising that businesses pay a lot of money for just doesn’t work and shows you how to put together ads that generate more leads, more sales and higher profits almost immediately.  A must attend session for any small to medium business.

PGG Accountants

By attending team training, I have found out my weaknesses and now can acknowledge them and improve myself for the future.

Now I have a better understanding of what a great team is

Kerry Parry
GAP TAX  Team Day

If you’re a business coach looking to take it to the next level… Glenis is someone you’ll want to be connected with. Her ability to motivate a business coach and hold them accountable is second to none.

Karl Bryan
Chairman LPW

Glenis tells you as it is and doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is honest and generous with her time. I have had a business coach before and never had these results is such a short amount of time… It has not been easy it has been a bigger push then I expected but I am feeling more alive and free.

GAP Tax and Accounting

Overall content covering all areas of a business, making me think about further improvements to ours.

D-Tec Pest Control

I had my 45 minute session on how to find $10K in 45 minutes… Glenis generously gave me way more than 45 minutes of her time – and found $115K in additional revenue per year. I was so impressed with Glenis’ discovery questions, her understanding of network marketing, her strategic head and her implementation focus.  I left our call feeling utterly inspired about what is possible using her knowledge and expertise.

Katrina Andrew

I have been working with Glenis for one month and already we have increased our turnover by 66%. I am now clearer as to where the business is heading and the actions to be taken to get there.

My Designer

When I first starting working with Glenis I didn’t really understand what the numbers meant when I started jotting them down from month to month, but now I have 18 months worth of numbers it has really helped me see where my sales come from, and my key numbers. It also helps me see which marketing channels have the best conversion and creates the best leads. It has really helped me focus on what works, and what doesn’t. So I have been able to increase my business by over 200% in 15 months.

Ashley Portas
CEO DiamondPort

All the best with your business and if we had more people like yourself focused on quality coaches and delivering value the industry would be better for it. Regards, Eric

Eric J. Gregory
Gregory Business Coaching