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Our Results Coaches

More Customers More Profits provides

a 5 step business formula

Generating, leads, Optimizing conversions, Increasing transactions, Defining value and Maximising profits.

Glenis Gassmann CA
Glenis Gassmann CAHead Business Consultant and Coach
Glenis Gassmann CA is the owner of More Customers – More Profits and a contributing writer for The Six Figure Coach Magazine. Glenis is a Business Breakthrough Specialist with expertise in the financial realm as a Chartered Accountant. Winning awards and creating innovative change with her strategic thinking. Her focus on small business includes education to create profitable businesses, allowing personal freedom and financial health.
A Team of Coaches
A Team of Coaches
Our team of coaches takes any business owner through a process where they will get to double even triple their turnover and increase their profits from basic business fundamentals that have been forgotten and not applied. They range from Lead generation to Profit Strategies, from Leadership and Mindset shifts to Advanced Team Building with personality profiling. We work on the individual problem you have in your business and turn that around with well thought out strategy and actions to implement that strategy. You will get results and you will grow your business to the level that you think is possible.

Your Business Success is Deliberate not Accidental…. and we never let perfect get in the way of better …
Decisions x Actions = Results …

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As a Business Owner

Are you frustrated with the lack of good quality leads being attracted by your business marketing? and when you do manage to secure a great prospect, they are either not ready to commit or want a cheaper price.

You have spent lots of money on marketing and advertising and frustrated that you are still not attracting the good quality leads that you need to turn into IDEAL customers for your business to grow and provide Cash Flow , peace of mind and flexibility in your lifestyle.

Hello, my name is Glenis Gassmann, Business Strategist and Chartered Accountant, and I assist frustrated business owners like you every day to apply business fundamentals to solve these damaging business challenges once and for all.

Your cash flow will improve and you WONT waste money on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work ever again. The Bonus you get from working our team is that you have time to work ON your Business and Free time to do what you choose.

Let’s get you started by watching first this eye opening video that explains why Business Owners make these mistakes …. and how to over come it.

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