The race to success is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

The Rule of 1% is simply defined as improving your customer service one percent at a time. To continuously improve customer service and to exceed expectation is not simple nor is it easy. And before you can even start to achieving such goals you have to perfect consistency first.

You may think that 1% is a small achievement for such a hard task, but 1% that is consistently achieved will eventually result to 100%. Imagine achieving the goal of 1% improvement per week. By the end of the year this 1% will grow to more than 50%. Just take it one step at a time and keep focus. Avoid doing too much at once, for multitasking is not always the best solution. Lack of focus instead will lead to nowhere but failure.

Aside from focus, flexibility also plays a major role to achieving business success. While, rules and standards are necessary for growth, never forget to be flexible for your customers benefit. For example, if you put a limit to the number of people that can enter your store at the same time for the fear of shoplifting. Instead of preventing shoplifting this set-up only results to the loss of a large percentage of people who doesn’t want to steal from you and wants to acquire your service instead. Flexibility is the key to what you deliver to your customers and consistency is the key to how you deliver it.

The bottom line is, customers rely on you to deliver what you promise. Promising more than you can deliver will only lead you to failure. Take baby steps and focus on vision. It may take some time but taking time to improve is better than rushing and not accomplishing anything. Focus and consistency will turn your satisfied customers into Raving Fans.

I hope that now you have fully understood the importance of customer service and how essential it is to your overall success. If you need help with any of the steps we’ve gone through over the last four lessons try our FREE test drive and get access to some of the best resources, tools and coaches available.

In upcoming posts we’re going to explore strategies of bagging the big clients and keeping them.

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