There are a lot of factors you have consider if you’ll want to get the biggest clients you can ever get. And there are three paths that every business faces, but let me show you which one is the best path to success. Then, we’ll talk about the mindset you need to attract the Big Fish.

There are three major paths a business can take:

  • Snail Speed
  • Shooting Star
  • Catch the Big Fish

Snail Speed

Are you looking for an expressway to success? Don’t! No such thing exists and lasts long. Instead of getting rich quick you’ll go slower than slow. This is what happens when you look for a shortcut and if you’re afraid to step-up or make a change.

Shooting Star

This refers to a businesses that succeeds too fast that becomes overwhelming. The speed of success is too rapid that you and your business is not ready for the changes and you’re struggling to adapt and cope with it. This also happens when you disregard long term effects. You focus too much on the small clients and disregard the big clients who can sustain your business after the small clients sales slows down. You speed up and then you fall flat on the ground.

Catch the Big Fish

This is the best path if you want to achieve a steady and fulfilling success. This path allows you to build a steady speed that you can manage and your business can cope with.

Here are some tips that you can use to achieve this speed:

1. Attract, keep and lock in big clients.

2. Integrate “big business” culture into your company and employees.

3. Acquire the expertise you need to grow.

4. Have the courage to make changes as you grow.

Now that we’ve covered the three paths, let’s move on to the mindset that you need to catch a “BIg Fish”. But why aim for a big fish? Here are some reasons:

  • Inexpensive
  • Highly Profitable
  • Longevity
  • Security

So, if you want to catch a big fish you need to think BIG. You need to think like a big business to become a big business. “Thinking is believing”.

You may think that this big companies already have access to everything and anything that they could ever need, well you’re wrong. There are a lot of opportunities that they will be needing what you can offer. So believe in you and your companies capabilities. Believe that you can cater to their needs.

Also, check which big companies you can work with. Do some research so you can find the best fit for your company. As a tip, it also helps a lot if you have someone from the inside who can put in a good word for you.

If you feel unsure about catching a big fish, feel free to try our FREE test drive and get help from our amazing business coaches. We can give you more than just a boost of confidence, but also a boost in opportunities.

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