Shhh… I Have a Secret

//Shhh… I Have a Secret

Shhh… I Have a Secret

Customer service is vital for every business. Once a consumer is shown with efficiency, urgency, and promptness, a simple inquiry would surely turn into sales that can either be repeated or duplicated.

One thing though, consumers tend to have little patience and understanding when faced with the person in charge, a very long unnecessary questioning, and language barrier.

But, there are three major secrets to good customer service. And the first one is to know exactly what YOU want. YOU are the captain of the ship. YOU must have a clear perception of your business’ future so that you can plan everything crystal clear. Including customer service.

And these are the three main goals you have to consider:

  1. Your business must be accessible. Through a website or a mobile app, physical shop or kiosk that is very easy to spot, and catchy advertisements that are flashed frequently everywhere.
  2. Provide the best service experience, warm and pleasant. Time and money are significant, and you have to make sure the consumers will know that you value them as much they do. Approachable, knowledgeable, patient and prompt customer service.
  3. Change your mindset and ask yourself instead, “Why should I do this?”. You must not focus on the expenses, BUT how to make consumers happy and satisfied.

Before you plan and layout standards, consider these pointers:

  • Everyone in the team must share one goal, must be insync on why and how consumers are to be faced and assisted.
  • Incentives and bonuses given out for satisfying customer service.
  • Monitor the service each stuff is providing.
  • Have a policy and have it transparent for both consumers and staff, to know each role’s confinements.
  • Always focus on the goal.

Now that you have a vision of what you want, use these pointers to meet them and create a satisfactory customer service that’ll win every sale.

We also have tools, resources, and coaches in our FREE test drive that can help you with improving or solidifying your company’s customer service.

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