Success Habit #2 – Clarity of Vision

//Success Habit #2 – Clarity of Vision

Success Habit #2 – Clarity of Vision

“Clarity of Vision”

This saying is a widely used term and been around for some time, just like my Success Habit #1 -From Small things BIG things grow. It has become an everyday throw away concept yet loosely applied in reality.

If you have attended a webinar, workshop or seminar this year I am sure Clarity of Vision would have been mentioned. Yet why are the majority of Business Owners today not clear on their vision and more importantly not able to articulate that in a way that is cogent? Most business owners I speak with about their Clarity of Vision describe the process of an outcome to me, rather than the Vision they want for themselves and business.

Their is a clear distinction between “Clarity of Vision” state of mind to a “Certainty of Outcome” state of mind and being more concerned and used by the “Certainty of OUTCOME” state of mind, which ironically is filled with uncertainties ( ie- things you can’t control, like a response from a prospect, whether it is the right time for a joint venture relationship to start” ) leads to obscurity and success of your Vision and holds them back from what they really want.

In other words, the state of mind “Clarity of Vision” is a more powerful state of mind to be in for Business Success. The next question I get is, How do I shift into a Clarity of Vision state of mind?

So I have put together my 4 steps below for you to use.

  1. Adopt a Vision of where you want to go in your business, who you want to become. Obtain a clear picture in your mind of the vision and the Business Owner you want to become in 3 months, 6 months 12 months.
  2. Select some tasks/activities you can change on a day to day basis, the things you can control like, how you spend your time and what you can focus on to achieve the Vision you have create.
  3. Create a plan to execute on a day to day basis to bring your Clarity of Vision into reality.
  4. Keep checking in on a regular basis if you are in the “Clarity of Vision” state of mind and not the “Certainty of Outcome.

When you have clarity of vision of your future path and taking actions each day in the alignment with vision, you will be successful at that. Looking forward to hearing about your successes in this area.

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