Success Habit #3 – Strong Commitment to Implement

//Success Habit #3 – Strong Commitment to Implement

Success Habit #3 – Strong Commitment to Implement

One of my first coaches told me ” the power of an idea is in its implementation”…

I had lots of creative ideas to bring balance into my Accounting Practice at that time as well as my role as a Mother and Wife. When I took that “quote on” to bring it alive, I put a PLAN in place to implement and with each new action I took in line with that plan, it brought me closer to my idea emerging into reality. It transformed my business to double my turnover and reduced my own productivity down to 30%. That concept once, in reality, won awards across the Accounting Industry at the time. The awards were great, as for me that was a clear sign for me to trust my intuition and just take actions that will make a difference not only to me but to the wider community I played in, which was the Accounting Industry. However, the REAL win for me was the transformation I created for myself in taking actions on my plan in line with the conceptual idea and bringing that to the forefront and firmly into reality. BOOM !!!.. bonus it transformed others at the same time.

If you have ever had an idea and just put it to one side, not acted on it, only to see it emerge later from another person’s willingness to put a PLAN in action. Here is my Success habit #3 for you.

SENSE of URGENCY – have you ever noticed that the people that are making a difference to their committed cause are ones that make things happen through a sense of urgency. IE TAKE ACTION TODAY, not tomorrow… the same premise as money is better in your hands today than tomorrow.

However, most of us get stopped by the little voice in our heads telling us all the excuses as to why it’s won’t work… from NO time to implement to someone else has probably done it anyway. All negative, survival techniques we humans have and suffer from.

Leaders who make a habit of having a sense of urgency and a strong commitment to implement have made a plan and now working that plan know that they will acknowledge those negative reactions and still take the actions. Like Susan Jeffers says’ “Feel the FEAR and do it anyway”… you might just be surprised as to the success you get taking the action.

What IDEA have you been thinking about and not implemented with a strong sense of urgency? Is it time to start today?

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