Has the title of this article had you want to flick past it?

That’s a call to your subconciuos- mind to take notice … you might be able to claim back 60 minutes in your day, thats 5 hours in a workweek. What could you proactively put in place and achieve with 5 hours a week?

Everyone on this planet at some point or another has procrastinated at one time. The trick is to not fall into the habit of “being a master of Procrasntination” and with all the additional pressures of life and new technology pulling for our attention these days, we should be more aware of what we are putting into our minutes if we are looking for a new result for ourselves. Statistics show we waste up to 20 minutes a day just getting back into the zone we were in before a distraction. I personally don’t take that long… the point is we all waste our time in one way or another and we can take control of that at any time we choose and re FOCUS on what we want and be successful in doing that.

There is nothing more inspiring that to complete your task list for the day, week, and achieve your monthly KPI”s … that feeling of “yes – I can do this and achieve great results ” is infectious to the everyday way we conduct ourselves.

Here is a list of favorites to regain your FOCUS, eliminate distractions to get into that state of mind and achieve what you set out to do WITHOUT distractions.

Surround yourself with people that are already eliminating distractions successfully. If there are none, create an opportunity for others to join you on this journey and hold you accountable to your success.

Be present to the benefits of achieving the KPI’s or BIG Goal. This has to be something you value highly and that’s worth eliminating distractions for. Typically this is either time/money/recognition related. Have that written down somewhere you go to or look at each day? So it’s TOP of mind.

Plan your time in blocks that work for you. Personally I like 50 minute or 1 hour 45-minute blocks. That gives me 10-15 minutes to do something physical after a mental block of time has been used up.

Always allow time in your day (you choose the amount) to clear clutter and attend to small tasks that can take 1-2 minutes. You can achieve a lot of little things in that space and it “clears the clutter” going around in your mind and remember that if you can delegate it successfully, do that.

Plan the next day at the end of the day. Get clear in your mind the top 3 things that have to be accomplished today. Map out a plan to achieve that based on what is booked in your diary

Attend to the worst possible things first up, one done, this provides a stimulus for achieving greater things as the day moves on.

Say “No” more regularly, If it is not going to move you forward to achieving your BIG Goal, you saying NO to a request will be empowering for you in the future and habit forming.

Ensure you spend time each day for winding down your mind and body to rest. Meditation, Good Sleep assisted with healthy foods will all fuel up your mind and body to FOCUS on what you want to achieve the following day

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