I speak with a lot of Business Owners resigned and cynical about the performance of their marketing and perplexed as to what to do to receive a higher Return on Investment ( ROI)

Here are the top four things to change in order to get a bigger bang for your marketing dollar spends.

  1. Change your attitude to marketing – By that I mean understand what marketing is really supposed to do … in a nutshell, it’s supposed to assist your prospects decision-making process. You have prospects out there who want what you sell and 99% of them need to be educated on the facts that surround what you sell before they decide if they want to buy from you. Most Business Owners leave out critical steps in the nurturing and educational process and cut to the chase forcing the prospect to walk away and look elsewhere. We are in the age of information and it is our job as a Business Owner to provide that to our prospects either online or in-person and ensure they are fully aware of the benefits you provide for them when they purchase from you and also alleviate their concerns on any objections they have.
  2. Know who your Prospect Market is – You can group your prospects into many demographics and physiographic, each group has its own unique set of problems. They also have HOT Buttons… triggers that have them either take or not take actions to move forward with their problems. Your message on your marketing, ie WHAT you say is more important than WHERE you put your marketing. When you identify your own personal subset of prospects considering their demographics and physiographic, message your marketing to have their reticular activation system (RAS) pick up on YOUR message and not all the other noise that is out there in the ethos. You have an opportunity to engage with them, nurture and educate them on the buyer’s journey with you. Anything less than this in your marketing message is a waste of your hard-earned profits and valuable time.
  3. Own your Marketing Messages – Business Owners and CEO’s give away the power in their marketing to agencies or other experts in Tactical marketing (ie where you place your marketing message.. social media, radio, television, magazines, etc) rather than own their message with Strategic marketing. First, you have to understand what messaging is going to hit the hot buttons of the niche market you are targeting. The Business Owner typically knows the ideal market and its biggest problem. Setting up a structured and well thought out messaging system that takes the buyers along a journey is a task for the Business Owner, then engaging a Tactical Marketing expert to have it seen exactly where your prospects are looking is the smarter way.
  4. Consistency – Perfection is the seed of failure and Consistency is the flower of success. A well-messaged marketing campaign directed to a specific demographic’s problem (that is not plural) will be picked up more times than a message generated to “all and sundry”. Keeping things applicable to the prospect market, simple to understand ( ie no jargon) and consistent is the key to Marketing Success. For more information visit¬†¬†http://morecustomers-moreprofitsbusinesscoaching.com/ or https://morecustomersmoreprofits.com/blog/