My goal is straightforward – to help serious business owners generate more clients!

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I mentor Business Advisors to cut through the unseen and earn $25,000.00 p/m on a consistent basis and become part of the TOP 2%. I've been transforming businesses and lives for over 30 years and seen how the simple use of small incremental changes with proven and tested strategies across multiple areas of your business provides the power of compounding results and accelerated profits.

To achieve this level of success and performance in business, Glenis has equipped herself in the language of business "numbers", strategic marketing message, business communication ( everything can be sorted with effective communication) and listening powers that will clear any mental clutter from the Business Owner that can negatively impact the performance of any business. Glenis is also a Global speaker, Author, and Co-author who has co-written one of the 2020 Amazon Bestselling books "The Successful Mind".

With her extensive background in Business Coaching driven by her passion to champion profits for Business Owners and coupled with her accounting skills, she has successfully trained and produced top-notch leaders and coaches that are also making a difference now in their respective industries. She was instrumental in helping other Business Coaches transition to "online" coaching services during the depths of the lockdowns that COVID pandemic provided for us. With the use of a turn key system and digital assets the Coach was able to concentrate on what they love doing the best "Coaching" and the backend operational systems, processes, content and training was all handled to allow easy transition for all.

Throughout her career as an Accounting in Practice she encountered many business owners that were wasting money on marketing and advertising that didn't supply a return on investment and in some cases was the catalyst of closing down, impacting families, relationships and financial freedom. With this as the purpose for her, Glenis educated herself with focus and determination into strategic marketing finding low to no cost measurable marketing strategies business owners could implement to generate more customers more profits very quickly. This was measurable , accountable and effective and what the business community was in need of.

Knowing this was making a difference I then realised she needed to duplicate this process for Business Coaches to assist the business community as a whole generate More Customers & More Profits.

This has and still is achieving extraordinary results for all those business coaches and clients that have embraced the concepts. She has been invited to speak at international business coaches conferences to share those results and continues to make a difference in every area she goes into.

How Does Profit Acceleration Actually Work?

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